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APA Decoded: Writing with Style in Student Affairs Assessment

APA Decoded: Writing with Style in Student Affairs Assessment

Includes a Live Web Event on 09/20/2024 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

Knowledge of the APA Style guide will support the goals of any student affairs practitioner due to its application across a variety of written communication formats. If you are looking to publish your research or communicate findings more effectively, being able to apply the APA Style is necessary.

The webinar will be presented by leaders in the NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community. During this session, the presenters will review the elements of APA Style, including the mechanics of style, grammar and usage, bias-free language guidelines, in-text citations, and more. The webinar will also provide an opportunity to practice and apply these skills. Attend this webinar to develop and advance your APA-style skills! 

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Describe the scope and elements of APA Style.
  • Effectively recognize opportunities to rely upon APA style within their writing.  
  • Apply solutions to common challenges when using APA Style in student affairs.
  • Summarize the formatting and rules for setting up a research paper.

Kim Kruchen

University of Colorado Boulder

Kim Kruchen-Spaulding has worked in higher education for the past 10 years in a variety of roles, including academic affairs, student activities, assessment, and strategic resources. She holds an M.Ed. from the University of Virginia where she interned for the Council for Advancement of Standards and conducted research. Kim served as the Director of the Office of Assessment & Planning in the Division of Student Affairs at CU Boulder from 2017-2022. In April 2022, she began a new role at CU Boulder as the Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives. Her current work focuses on change management, researching effective strategies that impact students, and developing reporting practices for the division.

Shaun Boren

University of Florida

Shaun came to UF in 2017 to direct the new Office of Assessment and Research in its mission to champion a culture of evidence-based decision making for Student Life. Prior to this role Shaun served the University of West Florida for 12 years in a progression of experience including creating the Outdoor Adventures program, supervising Recreational Sports programming, instructing undergraduate and graduate courses, and managing assessment initiatives for Student Affairs. His leadership style and strategies for building assessment capacity draw from his bachelors in animal behavior, masters in experiential education, and doctorate in physical education and health.

Erica Eckert

Kent State University

Erica Eckert, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services at Kent State University. Before becoming a faculty member, she served for 15 years in a variety of administrative roles managing assessment, accreditation, program review, technology and data systems, survey development and data analysis, and academic and admissions operations.  She teaches courses on technology, business and finance, and assessment and accreditation in higher education and co-authored Business Practices in Higher Education: A Guide for Today’s Administrators (2nd ed.)  Dr. Eckert’s research explores how higher education organizations navigate systems and structures, including assessment and accreditation.

Darby Roberts

Director, Student Affairs Planning, Assessment & Research

Texas A&M University

Darby Roberts, Ph.D. is director of Student Affairs Planning, Assessment & Research in the Division of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University. She has been working in student affairs assessment since 1998. As a faculty member in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education master’s program at Texas A&M, Darby has students submit professionally written documents in her student affairs assessment class. She has been actively involved in the NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community (twice as co-chair), as well as the Student Affairs Assessment Leaders organization. In 2023, she co-authored Student Affairs Assessment: Theory to Practice (2nd ed.) and co-edited Assessing Student Leadership, a monograph in the New Directions for Student Leadership series. She also co-edited Learning is Not a Sprint: Assessing and documenting student leader learning in cocurricular involvement. In the past several years, Darby has also contributed chapters to several books on student affairs assessment and student learning. She frequently presents at conferences and consults with campuses on their assessment needs. 

Shannon Dean-Scott

Associate Professor

Texas State University

Shannon Dean-Scott, Ph.D. is an associate professor in the student affairs in higher education program at Texas State University. She has taught research and assessment courses for 10 years and was a practitioner leading various assessment projects prior to her faculty role. She is involved in the NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community and co-edited the book, Using the CAS professional standards: Diverse examples of practice which was endorsed by NASPA, ACPA, and CAS. Her current research focuses on multicultural consciousness of undergraduate students, assessment practices, and teaching pedagogies.

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