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NASPA offers on-demand recordings for all the webinars offered throughout the year. These recordings are available for purchase and can be viewed at your leisure. Topics for the webinar range across the NASPA competencies and provide professional development from student affairs professionals. On-demand recording can be viewed by yourself or with a large group during a lunch and learn or another professional development opportunity within your department or division. 

  • Presentations are 60 minutes long, including the Q&A. 
  • Closed caption and transcript viewing are available for all webinars. 
  • The cost of a webinar is $79 for members; $179 for non-members.
  • Institutions that want to register for 25 individuals or more will receive a 15% off coupon. Rates are based on membership. 
  • On-demand recordings are available for 365 days after your purchase. 

Browse our available on-demand recording topics below. Click on the topic for more information, including the overview and speakers. Your on-demand purchase includes any additional resources and the presentation in PDF format. 

Video-on-Demand Catalog

Talent Management and Leadership Bundle
Based on the Student Affairs Educator Certification Domains Talent Management and Leadership, this ten-product bundle gives you high-quality professional development with the convenience of on-demand. The bundle, holding over a $750 value for members, is available to you at one low cost for 365 days.
Community Colleges Division Fall Webinar Series
Join NASPA and the Community College Division (CCD) in four high-content, scholarly webinars highlighting the work and support of community college students, faculty, and staff. Webinars can be purchased individually or as a package. All webinars will be recorded and available on-demand for 365 days after the live event.
How to Use Current Data Systems and Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Success
More data is not always the answer to improving student success. We will be exploring how existing data can be utilized to improve success, many times without the student asking for help.
“To Competency or Not to Competency? Advising and Supporting
NASPA Global Division presents the "Global Hour", an event inviting colleagues from around the globe to meet and attend an interactive presentation about global changes and shifts in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Attendees will have the chance to explore professional development resources and engagement opportunities with NASPA's global members and receive information about the professional development opportunities.
Maximizing Your Retention Efforts: A Cross-Functional Approach to Student Success
We frequently hear “retention is everyone’s job,” but often, we have a small office or group of professionals championing these efforts. Presenters will explore the successes and challenges of instituting retention-based practices between academic and student affairs. Participants are encouraged to attend this presentation and learn about the efforts at Kennesaw State University while engaging in conversation about the retention climate at their institution.
Welcoming Ain’t Belonging: Validation and Mattering for Men of Color
The qualitative case study explored the factors that foster an atmosphere of belonging for men of color (MOC) attending a two-year Predominantly White Institution (PWI). The pressing issue is that PWI colleges erroneously assume that an extension or invitation of welcome is the same as fostering a sense of belonging for men of color (MOC). This led colleges to construct policies and practices that do not intentionally and deliberately create an atmosphere where MOC feel valued, validated, and visible.
Are You Interested in a Student Affairs Masters Certificate?
The Master Course is a one-year online degree course, promoted in collaboration with EucA (European University College Association) and NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), that is designed to develop the necessary skills for university professional staff that support all extra-academic issues concerning university students and the development of their holistic skills on campus and in the residence halls.
Interviewing for a Community College: What You Need to Know
Join us for an engaging webinar during NASPA's Careers in Student Affairs Month, where we will delve into the unique world of interviewing and transitioning to a student affairs role at community colleges. Discover how to effectively communicate your transferrable skills and articulate why your gifts would be an excellent fit for the community college environment. Our panelists will explore the parallels between student affairs professionals' roles at four-year and two-year institutions so attendees can learn how to showcase their experience and skills effectively. One crucial aspect of community colleges is funding, and our webinar will provide insights into the financial landscape of these institutions and valuable perspectives on governance, shedding light on the decision-making processes and structures that shape these jobs.
Our Place at the Table
During this moderated open round table discussion, we will be asking our speakers to discuss what Student Affairs does and doesn’t do to support new professionals, how to address change as a new professional, how to grow self-advocacy, how to manage upwards, ect. Our goal is to foster a goal orientated conversation that does not discredit the material struggle that many new professionals face in Student Affairs, but rather to uplift graduate students and new professionals to find their place at the table. This is part of the NPGS' initatives for CSAM.
Gab with the GAPs: Learning about Graduate Programs and Exploring Avenues in Higher Education
Do you want to learn about what it is to starting your career in higher education? Look no further than to speak with members of the Graduate Associate Program (GAP). GAPs will be available to share their experiences about finding their programs, why they love higher education, and other great insights for those who are just looking to start out.
Unique Careers in Student Affairs
An introduction for new professionals and grad students into some lesser known fields of student affairs. Most people go to grad school understanding the "popular"/larger subsections of student affairs, but what about the niche spaces within our field?
Student Learning, Development, and Success Bundle
Based on the Student Affairs Educator Certification Domain, Student Learning, Development, and Success Bundle, this ten-webinar package provides professional development that encompasses the application of student learning and development theories while centering and advocating for holistic student learning, development, and success. It includes the design of programs and services that retain, develop, and move students toward completion and graduation. Click on the package title to learn more about the webinars included. Price Members: $349 Non-members: $499
Job Searching as a Function of Your Career Life Cycle
This professional development session is designed to give practitioners the opportunity to discuss a model for approaching job searching as a intentional professional development vs. a one-time, sporadic task. Attendees will discuss strategies for building a professional portfolio to tell establish a brand a story, marketing yourself, and managing a job search.
Leveling Up Your Career in Student Affairs
Ever wonder what to expect at each professional level of your career? Are you considering applying for a new position soon and wondering what you should consider or what ways you can better prepare yourself for a promotion? Join some NASPA volunteer leaders as they discuss their journeys and advice for navigating the field of student affairs across your career lifespan and ways you can prepare to level up!
Coffee Break with the VPs- What Does NASPA Do Anyway?
Take a break with us and connect with NASPA Vice Presidents and learn about the different functional areas, resources, and program offerings provided by NASPA. Learn more about working for an association and our role as the leading voice for the field of student affairs.
Student Success Coaching Panel: Building and Implementing Success Coaching Programs in Higher Education
This panel consists of professionals who serve in various capacities within student success coaching in higher education. Panelists will share their expertise on building, designing, and implementing success coaching programs and best practices in the field. The panelists represent different institution types, from small to large and private to public. The panel will be moderated throughout the program, with a question and answer period at the end of the program.
Career Readiness: A Shared Responsibility Between Student Affairs & Academic Affairs
At R1 institutions, career outcomes have focused on the first destination, with corporate hiring and graduate school enrollment. Today, student success is larger than a first destination. “Career Readiness” is now an accepted student success outcome. Yet, how do research-intensive institutions frame this explicitly as tied to institutional learning outcomes and a shared responsibility of academic and student affairs? Three institutions, Stony Brook University - SUNY, College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, and University of Texas at Austin- will share their models and approaches.
Strengthening the Partnerships Between Academics and Student Affairs
Bridging the gap between academic and student affairs is not a new concept, but can be a difficult challenge on our campuses. This webinar will provide models and spark ideas of how you can help strengthen partnerships and shared responsibilities across campus in order to contribute to both a student’s academic success and life outside the classroom.
Why Saying No is Sometimes Best: Making Sense of Policy in your Student-Centered Role
Whether you love policy, hate policy, or love to hate it, we all must engage with it in our student-centered roles. This session will give you a framework for understanding policy, identifying how your and your institution’s values play into policy, and advocating for changes that support student success for all students.
Revisiting “Charting the Future of Student Affairs”: A Panel Discussion
In March 2022, the Compass Report entitled Charting the Future of Student Affairs was released with five strategic imperatives for student affairs leaders to consider. This panel discusses the imperatives and how they have impacted their practice as leaders at their institution.
The Role & Overlap of Alcohol Prevention in Sexual Violence Prevention
With evidence highlighting that more than 90% of campus-based sexual assaults occur when one or both parties are under the influence of alcohol, it’s time we dismantle rape-myth narratives associated with alcohol-involved sexual assault. Embrace an opportunity for change by engaging with this #3for60 webinar hosted by NASPA’s 360 Proof and Culture of Respect Collective. You'll gain insights from researchers on the intersections of sexual violence and alcohol, brief environmental-level interventions, and cross-campus prevention approaches. Leave with tangible ideas around how to serve students on our campuses and partner within student affairs to address these topics. Featuring Dr. Liana S. E. Hone, MS, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Florida Dr. Melissa Lewis, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Advancement and Professor, University of North Texas Health Science Center Dr. Anne Ray, Ph.D., M.Ed., Associate Professor, University of Kentucky Moderated by Dr. Jason R. Kilmer, Ph.D., University of Washington
Assessment and Evaluation Bundle
Based on the Assessment and Evaluation Student Affairs Educator Certification domain, this package includes ten webinars that encompass the appraisal of the quality and effectiveness of higher education work with an understanding and appreciation for different contexts, cultures, and backgrounds. Specifically, the practice of assessment and evaluation is grounded in outcomes, using various methods and tools, and utilizing the data to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in program, delivery, or actions. Click on the Package title to view all the ten webinars included. PRICE Members: $349 Non-members $499
Assessment, Communication, and Fundraising: Storytelling, Collaboration, and Success
Assessment, communications, and fundraising have unique purposes, processes, and outcomes. Each one is vital to Divisions of Student Affairs. In addition, there is often opportunity for the three functional areas to overlap and create synergy to meet a variety of goals and communicate the value of investing in student affairs. In this session, learn how assessment merges these areas to weave a story that is not only data driven, but that is relevant to institutional and external stakeholders.
Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Learning Bundle
This bundled on-demand package includes presentations designed to give introductions to marginalized or minoritized student populations on our campuses, as well as how to weave social justice initiatives into all of your programs. Read below to see more about each of the included sessions.
Embracing Neurodiversity in Higher Education – How You Can Shape a Future of Acceptance
“Neurodiversity” is both a biological and a cultural phenomenon. Learning about the culture of neurodiversity will widen your perspective for those whose brains function in ways different from the neurotypical mainstream. This strengths-based, positive approach will alter your view of "outside-the-box" thinkers. Learn how proper niche construction can mold the future for neurodivergent students and how you can provide a community of acceptance for your campus.