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Designing Campuses for Mental Health and Well-being

Includes a Live Web Event on 09/04/2024 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

Dates: July 22 - September 4, 2024

This essential short course explores the crucial intersection of campus design and mental health in higher education. As we navigate an academic landscape marked by increasing mental health challenges, it’s clear that depression and other mental health concerns, compounded by academic stress, lead to negative outcomes, including higher dropout rates. This course highlights the vital role of administrators and student affairs staff in fostering a culture of wellness and understanding on their college or university campuses. Through comprehensive insights from experts, we'll explore various mental health models, assess campus-specific needs, and develop actionable, sustainable strategies to enhance campus-wide mental health. Join us on this transformative journey to better support your students and colleagues, and to create a thriving, supportive academic environment.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of mental health and well-being on college campuses, including relevant challenges, terminology, and models. 
  2. Develop the ability to assess campus-specific mental health needs through data analysis, self-study, and policy review.
  3. Understand the roles and responsibilities of various campus and community stakeholders in promoting mental health and well-being, fostering collaboration for a holistic approach.
  4. Synthesize the course content to create a campus plan that addresses mental health needs, exhibits appropriate intervention selection and adaptation, and ensures long-term sustainability for the benefit of the entire campus community.
Course Outline

Section 1 - Introduction: Mental Health and Well-being on the College Campus

Section 2 - Campus Assessment and Building a Community of Care

Section 3 - Developing and Implementing a Campus-Wide Strategy: Policies, Procedures, and Programs

Section 4 - Strategy Evaluation and Program Sustainability

Course Live Session Dates

Wednesday, September 4, 2024        2:00 p.m. (EDT)

Course Commitment and Expectations

The course will require 1-2 hours per week with assignments, engagement, and live sessions. All participants are expected to contribute to discussions and be present during live sessions. The course requires participants to have access to a computer, wifi, and webcam. All live sessions will be via Zoom, providing presentation slides and closed captioning. 


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Guidelines for earning CE credit: 

5 CSAEd Core CEs are awarded for completing this course. Completion includes viewing all recordings, attending all live sessions, and completing the Feedback Survey. 

No partial credit will be awarded; full completion is required. 

Participants must also complete the feedback survey in the Online Learning Community.

Credit is only available for attending the live session.

To receive CSAEd credit, attendees must complete the Feedback Survey in the online event offering the certification. Once the survey is completed, your Certificate will be available in the event modules. The Certificate of Completion, which will show the event and credit earnings, is available for download and/or print from the event in your Online Learning Community.

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