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Advocating for Undocumented Students’ Career Success

Advocating for Undocumented Students’ Career Success

Due to lack of federal immigration reform, hundreds of thousands of undocumented students face severely restricted college and career options. The majority of undocumented students in high school and college in the U.S. today do not have work authorization and are effectively locked out of the workforce. In higher education institutions, educators, student affairs professionals, and administrators struggle to support the unique needs of their undocumented students and to guide students towards income-generating opportunities that do not require work authorization. The situation is even more dire in states like Texas and Florida, where state legislatures are actively reversing decades of progress through passing hostile immigration policies. As a result of institutional and political challenges far beyond their control, hundreds of thousands of talented, qualified, and accomplished students are unable to pursue their dreams, seek employment, and build wealth.

In this webinar, we will explore best practices, grounded in evidence-based best practices of educational institutions across the country, that members can implement to bolster support for undocumented students on their campuses. In particular, we will provide strategies for: 

  1. Providing effective academic and career advising that are inclusive of undocumented students’ needs
  2. Designing paid professional development opportunities for students with or without work authorization 
  3. Creating inclusive campus climates that ensure undocumented students can fully participate in campus life

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