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Let the Good Times Roll: a hands-on approach to alcohol education

Let the Good Times Roll: a hands-on approach to alcohol education

Recorded On: 04/24/2024

Lydia Coulson

Communications Specialist

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Lydia completed her B.S. in Bilingual Elementary Education at Illinois State University and her M.Ed at Marquette University in Student Affairs and Higher Education before going on to serve as Assistant Director for Community Standards and Wellbeing at Creighton University and then Alcohol and Drug Prevention Project Manager at University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

As Alcohol and Drug Prevention Project Manager, Lydia combined her understanding of student behaviors around alcohol with her background in education to develop highly engaging programs tailored to Gen Z students that they want to engage in. While continuing her education in Strategic Marketing, Lydia tied the programmatic offerings to alcohol safety campaigns on UNL’s campus to develop a cohesive, engaging, easy-to-recall alcohol education experience for students.

Lydia lives in Lincoln, NE with her husband and dog, Mocha. In her free time, Lydia enjoys cooking, working out, and hosting unnecessarily over-the-top events for friends. Friends ask her what her next race is, colleagues ask her if she’s ever going to stop being a student (the answer is the Spring Forward 5k and probably not)

Let the Good Times Roll aims to create a fun, comfortable, and engaging environment for students to learn lessons about alcohol that will stay with them long-term. This is a harm-reduction program, meaning that students learn realistic and applicable information about how to be safer around alcohol. Lydia’s unique interdisciplinary background spanning education, student discipline, and marketing and communications positions her to develop highly engaging educational programs that students are excited to participate in and will walk away from with practical lessons they can implement. Let the Good Times Roll is intended to complement existing alcohol education strategies and is built on the primary strategy of “skills building” within the College AIM.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how hands-on, skill-building activities fit with a larger alcohol prevention curriculum
  2. Learn how to develop engaging, hands-on activities and modify them to students' educational needs
  3. Understand how to leverage student trends and interests to create highly engaging programs

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