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NASPA's Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

NASPA strives to place equity, particularly racial equity, at the center of our decisions about professional development, policy, scholarship, and membership. This means recognizing, challenging, and changing exclusionary structures embedded in educational, association, and organizational systems.

We do this by convening institutions, members, and partners to develop and elevate inclusive practices, providing resources and access points for educators from minoritized communities to navigate the field of student affairs, providing race-conscious research and recommendations for institutions and practitioners, and advocating for equitable legislation and policy. 

As we deepen our critical understanding and work, centering equity at NASPA requires compassion, focus, intention, courage, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to learning.

Visit the NASPA Countering Equity Backlash website for more resources and information. 

Recent Member Briefings

Continued Learning:

The list below includes all the virtual learning and engagement opportunities focusing on social justice and inclusion. Programs and events include member briefings, webinars, and short courses. Click on the link below to learn more about the program, how to register, and pricing for members and non-members. The below virtual learning events follow the NASPA pricing model: $79 (members) and $179 (non-members).